Like a small boat on the ocean

Good morning from the Plastic Bottle Boat. After a long night of towing the boat to deeper water (Thank you, Bang, for using your fishing boat to tow our boat.)  I will admit, I didn’t sleep much, worrying that the boat would be at the bottom of the ocean by morning. But when I got to the beach the next morning, the boat was sitting strong on TOP of the water and it couldn’t look more beautiful. In the afternoon I climbed to the top of Kao Chang Krachok to get a view of the boat on the ocean. Look at the pics. After 9 months of construction, it is finally a real boat! สวัสดีตอนเช้าจากเรือขวดพลาสติก

Whenever I look at the plastic bottle boat, I keep hearing that song in my head, “Like a small boat On the ocean, Sending big waves Into motion”.