Southeast Asia contains 5 of the top 10 ocean polluters in the world. If you visit areas outside the beautiful resorts you will see the evidence scattered on thousands of miles of beaches. The environment is the victim of careless habits and rapid development. Over usage and addiction to plastic bags in Thailand is a huge problem. With many of the discarded bags being thrown, or blown by the wind, into nearby rivers and oceans.

Proper trash disposal is an important phase of development that each country must create in order to protect the quality of life of it’s citizens. But before people take action to fix a problem they must first see that there is a problem. Currently, many people in Southeast Asia still do not see trash as a problem. Every day, I witness with my own eyes the careless habits of people throwing their trash on the ground. It is disheartening to see people treat their own (beautiful) country like a trash can. That is why I am building the Plastic Bottle Boat. A problem this big needs something BIG to get people’s attention.